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Btw guys I had my baby!

Jesus I’m Terrible at updating! I had callaway on 12/19/13 at 4:37 am (: I love him more than the world!
All natural birth and to a 9 & 1/2lb baby boy(:
What about all the Mommas pregnant at the same time ?

Our baby’s profile (:

Our baby’s profile (:


I haven’t updated in sooooo long!
Eeeekkk sorry!
New updates:
-I’m 34 weeks pregnant
-Tyler and I have our own place
-I’m finishing up school dec 20th
-Tyler has a full time job as an electricians assistant
-I’m a huge whale, that’s it haha

Pregnancy, the cruel joke for a woman’s body

I’m 33 weeks and it seems like stretch marks are my body’s awesome new thing to do (:


mom: where the hell is all the halloween candy i bought? did you eat it all?




To people who think having a baby young will ruin your life:
No, I would not prefer to spend years of my life partying and making mistakes searching for purpose. Instead, I have found my purpose. To become a mother and create a family. Really, I am just one step ahead of you. You can quit trying to bring me down now.
Thank you.


High schoolers in one sentence.


High schoolers in one sentence.



i hate it when adults get mad at teenagers for doing fun kid things without causing problems like going trick or treating or even riding the fucking merry go round

my digital animation teacher told us today that he gives extra candy to teenagers that come to trick or treat his house on halloween because they are still young and having fun like any other kid and told us that he trick or treated until he was 25